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  • Reference/Model No.:
  • 292.26 2.5mm Kirschner Wire (X6)
  • 292.656 2.0mm Guide Wire (X6)
  • 315.3303.2mm Calibrated Drill Bit (X2)
  • 351.12 Cannulated Awl
  • 355.18 Driving Head
  • 358.60 Compression Sleeve
  • 358.68 8.5/3.5mm Conical Burr
  • 332.06 Router
  • 358.54 Connecting Screw
  • 310.44 4.5mm Drill Bit (X2)
  • 315.31 3.2mm Drill Bit (X2)
  • 358.692 Insertion Handle
  • 358.61 Compression Connecting Screw
  • 358.691 4.5mm Cannulated Drill Bit
  • 358.679 Extended Aiming Arm
  • 358.689 Standard Aiming Arm
  • 357.591 Radiographic Ruler
  • 355.75 8.0mm Trocar
  • 355.722 8.0/3.2mm Drill Sleeve
  • 355.70 11.0/8.0mm Protection Sleeve
  • 358.686 2.0mm Trocar
  • 358.694 4.5/2.0mm Wire Sleeve
  • 358.688 14.0/4.5mm Drill Sleeve
  • 321.16 11.0mm Wrench (X2)
  • 321.17 4.5mm Pin Wrench
  • 358.698 Spiral Blade Measuring Device
  • 357.792 Locking Bolt Measuring Device
  • 314.02 2.5mm Hex Screwdriver
  • 399.41 Hammer
  • 358.697 Spiral Blade Connecting Screw
  • 358.696 Spiral Blade Inserter
  • 314.11 Holding Sleeve
  • 360.253 Holding Sleeve Locking Device
  • 314.115 T-15 Star Drive Screwdriver
  • 359.036 Slide Hammer
  • 358.699 Inserter/Extractor
  • 314.75 3.5mm Hex Screwdriver
  • 319.97 Screw Forceps (x2)
  • 462.634 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.636 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.638 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.640 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.642 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.644 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.646 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.648 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.650 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.652 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.654 Ti Spiral Blade (x2)
  • 462.660 Ti Spiral Blade End Cap 0mm (x2)
  • 462.665 Ti Spiral Blade End Cap 5mm (x2)
  • 462.666 Ti Spiral Blade End Cap 10mm (x2)
  • 462.667 Ti Spiral Blade End Cap 15mm (x2)
  • 458.18 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.20 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.22 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.24 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.26 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.28 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.30 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.32 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.34 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.36 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.38 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.40 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.42 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.44 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.46 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.48 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.50 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.52 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.54 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.56 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.58 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 458.60 Ti 3.9mm Locking Bolt (x2)
  • 462.950 Ti Solid Humeral Nail End Cap 0mm (x2)
  • 462.955 Ti Solid Humeral Nail End Cap 5mm (x2)
  • 462.960 Ti Solid Humeral Nail End Cap 10mm (x2)
  • 462.965 Ti Solid Humeral Nail End Cap 15mm (x2)

  • Condition: Pre-owned. The items in the set were removed from a working surgical floor. They have been inspected, tested and cleaned for use. The sterilization case and item(s) may show normal signs of cosmetic wear from use and sterilization.

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Stock Number#3620769
REFERENCE462.960, 358.699, 314.75, 360.253, 319.97, 358.692, 314.115, 359.036, 358.699, 314.75, 314.02, 399.41, 358.697
Intended use/disciplineAnesthesiology, Biological Laboratory, Cosmetology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, Otolaryngology, General Surgery, Orthopedics
DescriptionSynthes Plate Set.Synthes Fragment Set.Frag Set. Implant Set. Tibial Plate Set. Tibial Nail. Synthes Titanium