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Assett Management / Liquidation

Not only do we repair equipment, but we also purchase damaged, unrepairable, and used equipment from surgery centers and hospitals all over the United States. We will work with your staff to coordinate pick-up, removal, and payment for any unused items. Allow us to assist you in the removal of unused assets for your facilities future capital!

How Does This Help You?


Save Time with One Call:

Repairs, Purchases or Liquidation


Save Money: Eliminate Storage Fees


Reinvest For Future Capital

Interested in Selling Your Used Medical Equipment?

How do I get an offer for my equipment?

Send an email to with:

1. Photos of the equipment

2. Manufacturer name

3. Model and/or reference number

4. Complete contact information, including phone number and mailing address

How do I get paid?

If there is an agreement, our purchasing department will email a Purchase Order (Purchasing Contract). There are several options for payment:

1. MOXIE MEDICAL can issue a check after inspecting the equipment. This process takes approximately two business days after receiving the equipment.

2. MOXIE MEDICAL can prepay via PayPal or credit card.

Please let us know which option you prefer once we've completed an offer for your equipment.

What happens if there are issues with the equipment?

Upon final testing of the equipment's condition, MOXIE MEDICAL will contact the seller with an assessment of any issues and the updated offer. Then, the seller will have the option to either accept the updated value and pay back the difference between the updated offer and original offer, pay to have the equipment shipped back, or allow MOXIE MEDICAL to recycle the equipment if there is no value.